Wedding – A relationship where two souls join to one. In general, wedding is a big occasion filled with multiple traditions, customs, and emotions. The World is diversified with different cultures and traditions. People diversified to different religions, groups and castes will have different customs and traditions to follow. All these different customs are applicable to weddings as well. India is a diversified country with multiple religions. Indian people belonging to different groups follow different wedding traditions and cultures. Some of the interesting and strange wedding cultures followed by Indian people are listed here.

1)Punjabi Wedding Ritual

There is a wedding ritual followed by Punjabis named ‘Ghara Gharoli’ in which the bride’s sibling or sibling’s wife has to bring apitcher of holy water from anearby temple. Then the bride has to bath with this holy water before heading to the mandap.

2) Bihari Wedding Ritual

There is a different wedding ritual followed by Bihar people. In Bihari wedding, the bride is tested for her skills. There is a ritual that the mother-in-law of thebride will keep earthen pots one over the other on the head of new bride. Later, the new bride has to take blessings of all the elders present in the groom family balancing the earthen pots. It is a skill test for her patience. The number of pots she manages to balance indicates her balance maintenance in the family. It’s strange but true.

3) Hindu Wedding Ritual

There is wedding ritual followed by Hindus especially for men and women born as a Manglik (astrological combination of Mars and Saturn standing in seventh house). There is abelief that men and women born with this astrological combination are cursed and by which their husband/wife will die soon after marriage. In order to ward off this curse, he/she is married to a tree first which was later destroyed to break the curse. This is strange tradition followed by Hindus.

4) Sindhi Wedding Ritual

There is a wedding ritual named ‘Santh’ followed by Sindhis. In this ritual, an anklet is tied to the right ankle of bride and groom together. Later, eight married women will pour oil on their head as an indication of blessing. After this, they are supposed to wear new shoe and break an earthen lamp by stamping the foot. This is signification to break old relations before joining the new relationship.

5) Bengali Wedding Ritual

There is a strange wedding ritual followed by Bengalis as a tradition. It is a ritual that the groom’s mother is not allowed to be present in marriage which is believed to follow for the sake of son’s happy life. There is another ritual followed by Bengalis during awedding in which a plate guddies (diyas for Ganga aarti) is sent by married women belonging to bride’s family to welcome goddess Durga for marriage. It is believed that the plate should be drowned in Ganges Holy River by which the new couple will get blessings from the holy river.

Apart from these five strange wedding cultures, there are many other wedding cultures in India which will look strange and interesting as well.